Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Experiment

The Experiment is a mystery game in which you play the role of a boy trapped in a weird facility, and your goal is to make it out alive and well. Serious emphasis is put on atmosphere and the story, but the presentation leaves to be desired most of the time, which is quite the shame. The writing seems a bit forced as well, and that’s not a good sign for a game that must impress through narrative.

 you wake up in a cage in some kind of laboratory, with no apparent way to get out. You also have an unusual companion, namely a cat with a floating head that wants to help you escape. In short, the world in which the characters live demands perfection from every human, which is why they perform all sorts of experiments on unwilling subjects in order to keep the standards as high as possible.

File Size: 43.7 MB
Runs On: Windows
Developer Website: GlowLimeGames
Download Source: Softpedia

Re: Turn One Way Trip

Re:Turn - One Way Trip is a 2D sidescrolling adventure with a horror story, in which you play the role of a college student by the name of Saki, who goes on a camping trip with her friends. The game uses simple gameplay mechanics to relay the story, which means that most of the time you just have to move from one point to the next and make use of a few items, but the atmosphere is pretty creepy.

Saki is on this trip in order to celebrate her engagement with Sen, and as it’s usually the case with most camping trips, horror stories enter the picture once darkness falls. However, things get truly creepy once Saki wakes up in the middle of the night and her friends are all gone. Not only that but after a short walk around the campsite, she stumbles upon an abandoned train that must be investigated.

engagement with Sen.

File Size: 87.2 MB
Runs On: Windows
Developer Website: Re: turn Game
Download Source: Softpedia

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Little Loki Escapes From Hell

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Help the little god Loki to flee from the unamusing devil and find a way out of the hell. Jump and run through through the dreadful platform in order to reach the flag, but avoid to get trapped by rising lava or devils. Enjoy Little Loki Escapes From Hell.

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space = Jump

Chaos Eclipse

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Trapped in a dark, violent series of events, you will have to take the right decisions. There are many different endings to every story, not all of them are good. Enjoy the great storyline of Chaos Eclipse!

Controls: Mouse

Family Rush

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Get the help of your whole clan to get rid of evil now! In the cool side-scrolling, shooting game Family Rush you have to reach the end of the track alive. Along the way, you can gather coins and other stuff to upgrade your equipment and win a helping hand by one of your relatives. Ready? Load your weapon and kill hordes of demons, ghosts, and other wicked creatures. Have fun!

Controls: Mouse = Aim

Alula Falling #1

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Alula Falling #1 is the first episode of a new anime-style adventure game, in which you take care about a school girl named Alula. Curious about the mysterious Death Game app she found on her mobile, incidences are overturning. Help her to win all battles against other gamers in the strange and deadly game ruled by an evil pixel skull. Much fun!

Controls: Mouse

5 Minutes To Kill Yourself: Reloaded

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Whew!! One meeting is over, and the next one is right ahead! Just like you, too many awesome people are stuck in a frustrating work cycle. Break out of this by killing yourself, but you only have a few minutes to do so in this renewed sequel of the comic-style suicide game. In 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Reloaded you need to rush through the office floor to find and use objects to hurt you. Also talk to your loyal co-workers, if you are able to choose the right answer they will be very supportive with your wish for death! Try to increase your physical damage to 100 % before the time runs out or you or you lose the game. Good luck!!

Controls: Mouse

Zombie Blast

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You don't know why, but once your town is overrun by ravenous undeads. Saddle up and get ready for what comes next, 'cause you have to blast the zombies in this addicting endless carnage game. Try to survive all waves of bloodthirsty undeads using various weapons. Collect gold coins, boxes and other bonuses to upgrade your armament and skills. How far can you last in Zombie Blast? Much fun!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space = Shoot

Handless Billionaire

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Naaaw, you are already a millionaire but you want more? Then choose your new adventure in this crazy reaction testing game Handless Billionaire. Your object is simple: put your hand through a sharp guillotine to grab the billions of bank notes. Avoid to get your extremity cut off by the sharp blade or you will lose your hand. Much fun.

Controls: Mouse

Don't Look Back

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Don't Look Back is a minimalistic platform action game by Terry Cavanagh.

Zombie Train

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Zombie Train is a bloody zombie shooter made by Box10. Your mission in this defense game is to kill the zombies as the train tries to take you to safe land. Defend the train at all costs!

Controls: WASD = Move, R = Reload, 1-5 = Select Weapon, H = Heal, F = Repair barricade


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Lead the straitjacket man through this crazy loony bin and help him to escape all rooms before he freaks out. In each level, you have to catch the golden key first and make your way out then, but beware of spikes and other danger. Enjoy Psychout.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move

Horror Plant

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Horror Plant is a bloody point-and-click adventure game. The mission of the game is to guide a carnivore plant through dwarf settlements and wipe out all human opponents. Use your mouse to activate objects and find the two horrible endings.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Crypt Dash

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Just fancy, you wake up in a foreign place and you realize that you are trapped in an ancient crypt, bandaged like a mummy. You have one minute to get out of that damn place. Keep on running as you jump over giant gaps and dash through obstructive objects on the path. Catch as many ankhs as you can get and try to reach the end of the track before time is up to win this awesome action-packed upgrade game Crypt Dash! Much fun!

Controls: Arrow Up / Down = Jump / Dash

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bloody Harry

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A mutated virus has infected all food of head chef Harrys kitchen. And the once mellow city is now overrun by creepy, bloodthirsty creatures. Armed to the teeth our hero wants to put up a fierce fight and destroy those monsters to the last breath. This is where you come into the game: Help Bloody Harry to move through the street, get in rage and fight off loads of enemies and their bosses to level up as you constantly collect coins, weapons and other bonuses which you need to survive the battle. Much fun!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Z = Melee Attack, X = Ranged Attack

Frankenstine Adventures

One of the world’s most famous monsters is going on an epic treasure hunt. Join Frankenstein while he searches for tons of gold in this adventure game. He’ll need your help while he jumps over spikes and other dangerous obstacles.

Controls: Mouse

54 Dead Miles

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The world is overrun by zombies, who are on a walk through the dark night, just 54 miles away of your city. Buy a van and go on your mission to run as much undeads over as you can. You will earn money which you should use to keep your car upgraded or to buy a new, mightier one. Enjoy 54 Dead Miles.

Controls: Arrows = Drive


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Zombocalypse is a bloody action game about the total zombie apocalypse. Your mission is simple: Kill as many zombies as you can and survive as long as you can. Good Luck!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Spacebar = Shoot/Slash


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Pestilence-Z is an addictive turn-based RPG strategy game where you fight against waves of zombies. Select a character and start with searching for weapons in your apartment. Can you escape the Pestilence? Survive as long as you can!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Crow In Hell

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You are a dead crow in hell killed by a farmer. Your mission is to find a way out of the hell. Fly the crow with the arrow keys, avoid obstacles and find keys to open doors. Have fun with Crow in Hell!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond

A game requiring logical thinking to solve many engaging puzzles. Uncover hidden mysteries and do everything you can to get as far as possible. We believe that you'll be clever enough to solve everything. Your wife comes to you as a ghost and tells you, that you can bring her back to life. Find a way how to finish the game and have tons of fun.

Controls: Mouse

The Secret Of The Necromancer

The Secret of the Necromancer, These three friends are skipping Halloween this year in order to play a mysterious video game. Unfortunately, it contains more tricks than treats! They've been sucked inside of its strange world and only you can help them escape.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Escape From Nightmare

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Escape From Nightmare is a cool platformer, in which you have to flee from your bad dream. Therefore you need to find three hidden stars in each level and beware of the darkness by illuminating the path. Enjoy.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move / Jump / Climb, Mouse = Illuminate the path

Reverie Revisited

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Reverie Revisited is an unusual platform game, in which you have to escape your nightmarish reality. Jump and move through dark levels and unravel mysteries. To overcome obstacles visit your dreams consistently and see where they take you. Much fun.

Controls: Arrow = Move / Jump, Space = Interact, F = Dream, R = Restart

Shadow Tag

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Shadow Tag is a spooky puzzle game in which you have to find your car keys before your batteries of the flashlight are empty. Move quickly through the dark maze-like front garden and beware carefully of the evil kids who want to hunt you in the shadows. Otherwise: Tag - You're it! Good luck.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hell City

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Demons come to our World to enslave humanity. Try to make your way through the dark Hell City alive. Much fun!

Controls: Mouse

Still Alive

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Still Alive is a bloody awesome zombie shooter. Your mission is to survive in the dark forest full of zombies. Protect your house, use the lull to upgrade your weapons and fix your car to leave this evil place. Are you still alive?

Controls: Mouse = Aim & Shoot

Friday, January 19, 2018

Foreign Creature

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Foreign Creature is a funny point-and-click game in which you play as a blood-thirsty alien with the ability to take over all other life-forms on earth. A creepy point and click massacre! Enjoy Foreign Creature!

Controls: Mouse

Dark Cut 3

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Dark Cut is back. In the third installment of the bloody and scary surgery-simulation game it's your job to restore your family tree. Therefore you have to medicate your family members from the past. So check up, sedate, cut and heal, but avoid to fail the surgery or your patient will die. Enjoy Dark Cut 3.

Controls: Mouse

Jack in Hell 2

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Help Jacko to awake the spirit of Halloween and lead the skeleton with pumpkin head through the scary and dark hell to find five souls in each stage. Avoid dangerous creatures and use the crow of hell to reach places you can't enter. Enjoy Jacko In Hell 2.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move / Jump / Duck, Space = Use Object, C = Activate Crow

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dark Dayz

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In Dark Dayz - Prologue you will meet one of the last survivors of the humankind. Run around and find new weapons while you fight your way through each wave of attack to prevent the undead's from eating your brain. How long can you withstand the zombocalypse? Good luck!

Controls: WASD = Move, Space = Action, Mouse = Aim / Shoot


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Hellvolution is a zombie shooting game from the developer of "13 Days in Hell". The mission of Hellvolution is to kill all zombies before they eat you! Use your mouse to aim and fire. Headshots are better than body shots. The red dot shows you the perfect spot to fire. Reload with SPACEBAR and choose a weapon with 1-4. Special skills = 5-7.

Undead Highway

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Undead Highway is a bloody zombie-themed action game from the makers of Dead Frontier. Your mission is to kill all undeads on the highway by using lots of weapons. Keep your eyes open for the car keys, then find a car and drive the hell out of there in advance to the next stage. Much fun and don't leave the Highway!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move, Mouse = Aim / Shoot, Numbers = Switch Weapons

13 Days in Hell

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The devil sends zombies to earth. Your mission is to stop the undead creeps and to survive the 13 days in hell!


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Poltergifts is a crazy Halloween-Christmas crossover game from EvilDog. Unwrap your Xmas gifts and survive the horde of Poltergeists and other evil toys. Halloween is not the only season for horror!

The Deepest Sleep

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The Deepest Sleep is the last part of a horror trilogy in which you have to escape a nightmarish situation. Don't behave like a rabbit caught in the headlights! Use your weak flashlight to explore the place and find your way out. Good luck!

Controls: Mouse

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mad Father

Aya Drevis is a young girl living in an isolated mansion in northern Germany. Since her mother's passing, she's felt lonely living with just her father and his assistant Maria. What's more, she knows her father's secret...
Aya's father is a mad scientist who's been conducting experiments on humans and animals for some time now. Aya is familiar with her father's strange interests, as she used to hear screams through a locked door, but she never did anything to prevent him or to notify anyone about it as she loves her father very much and since her mother died, he's the only one left to take care of her.

Mad Father is an amazing adventure indie horror game that you must download and install in order to be able to play it. 


Make sure to extract the game to its own folder instead of running directly from the ZIP file.
If you don't do so, any saves made will be lost the next time you run the game.
If the game freezes your computer on startup, it's likely caused by a problem with auto-installing fonts. Go into the Data folder, install all of the fonts, then delete the font files and try running the game again. It's supposed to install them automatically, but this seems to freeze some systems - deleting the fonts will stop it from trying. If dialogue doesn't show up or uses the wrong font (which may cause cutoff text), manually install the fonts in the Data folder.

The Visitor Returns

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The Visitor is back and ready to kill everybody and conquer the Earth! This installment is another science fiction horror puzzle game and takes place on a campground. Help the alien to eat all living organisms and absorb their vital juices to become larger and more more powerful. Click on the different items on the screen and try to solve all the puzzles to help the visotoe eat more and more and become stronger. Enjoy the visitors come back to the Grande Bouffe.

Controls: Mouse = Select

Cemetery Road

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Are you brave enough to face off ghosts and monsters? Then turn on the engine of your awesome oldtimer car and drive down the Cemetery Road in this scary racing game. Aim is to reach the exit of the graveyard. Much fun!

Controls: Arrows

Slender Run

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Slender Run is a creepy endless running game. You know that something evil lures in the dark forest. It's the slender man who wants to kill you. While you keep on running you have to jump and roll to overcome all deadly traps and obstacles. How long can you survice? Much fun.

Controls: Z = Jump / Double Jump, X = Roll

Killer Escape 2: Surgery

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Evil Jigsaw murder is back to bring you a nightmare full of blood and horror. In Killer Escape 2: Surgery you are trapped again at an unknown, dark place - blood is everywhere. Is the end near? Try to escape that horrifying situation exploring the room and clicking on objects. Much fun.

Controls: Mouse

The Visitor: Massacre At Camp Happy

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The Visitor: Massacre At Camp Happy - is an addictive adventure game from ClickShake. Control an alien slug and eat creatures to gain their abilities of flight, swimming, climbing and many more. Use arrow keys or WASD to move and Spacebar or CTRL to eat. Much fun!

Killer Escape

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In this scary brain teaser point and click escape the room game you are trapped in a dark prison cell. Try to search around to find some hidden clues to get out of this hell before the bloody butcher comes back to kill you. Enjoy Killer Escape.

Controls: Mouse


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That´s a bummer that you are trapped on a parking lot while zombies and other monsters are attacking you. Try to survive as long as you can and shoot the bloodthirsty creatures. Collect their souls and upgrade your weapons. Good luck and enjoy Tribulation.

Controls: WASD = Move, Mouse = Shoot, Space = Rage Mode

Lone Survivor

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In this horror themed rpg adventure game you have to help the unknown pixel hero to escape a zombie infected city alone. Interact with things and other survivors to find a way out and try to kill or trick your enemies. Collect useful stuff, take care of your health, eat and sleep enough to come through. Enjoy Lone Survivor.

Controls: Arrows = Move / Inventory, X = Interact / Shoot, C = Switch Weapon Mode, Space = Open Inventory

Darker Ride Escape

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You better make an escape plan to get out of that dark tunnel of horror. In this challenging point and click game Darker Ride Escape you have to find all hints and items to clear the way and get home. Much fun!

Controls: Mouse

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Visitor

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Guide an alien parasite through it's new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror adventure. The Visitor is alien and comes from a strange world. He seems to be harmless and looks like a tiny worm, but he came to conquer the Earth. Help him to grow and to become stronger, by eating all living creutures on the planet. Start with the small ones, like insects, birds or fish. Click on the different items in the picture and solve all puzzles to feed this hungry monster. Enjoy The Visitor!
Controls: Mouse