Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Review: Perceptions Of The Dead

Perceptions of the Dead is a free to play visual novel containing 3 short stories centering on the supernatural adventures of its characters, in a world where the dead linger holding on desperately to the world of the living and its inhabitants.

Live with Jill Count

Jill has had moderate success as a streamer, and to mix things up, this Halloween she is going to live-stream a visit to a haunted hospital. The twist? It's actually haunted. this was a fun episode to play through as you never really expect what happens, along with having some pretty funny character's with some pretty humorous reactions given the fact that if some of that stuff happened in real life I would bolt the fuck out of that hospital faster then you could say ghost... and without giving away to much or causing any spoilers, I can say acts in a way as a passing of the torch if you will. which makes sense giving the fact there is news of a second one coming out soon. 

The Phantom Ice Cream Truck

Follow a denizen of the border between life and death as he answers the call to rescue a missing child. The story its self for this chapter is great but i wish there would have been choices as the developers had some great chances for it in this episode. still worth going through just for the story as it's not very long and gives a good look at the bigger story that there seems to be within the game as a whole. Unless I'm the only one seeing this... you know how the stories are all connected in some way or another. Nope, can't be just me!

Perceptions of the Dead 

Tyrone has made it his business to help solve the troubles of those afflicted by the undead, but what seems like a case of a benign haunting may find him risking not only his life, but his very soul. Perceptions of the Dead is the longest and most interactive story of all  3 which makes sense given it is the name of the game its self. and this I must say is my favorite episode of the bunch, giving you lots of choices to make and a storyline that keeps you entranced in whats going on. Makes you feel like your watching a movie... well one where you have control, instead of leading you to yell at the screen "DONT GO IN THERE STUPID!"

The game overall is a great way to kill a few hours with its enjoyable stories and witty, humorous characters. Saying that let's take a look at its Pros and Cons.


  • Great Artwork for both characters and backgrounds
  • Amazing voice acting and music
  • Enjoyable, well thought out stories that intertwine into a bigger story
  • Witty, humorous characters, that feel almost human in their reactions


  • Wish the stories were a bit longer
  • Not a lot of action (but still enough to keep you interested) 

All and all considering its a free to play, the game was an amazing playthrough, and more then worth the time it takes to go through its stories. So if you're looking for a fun supernatural VN game on a budget, I highly recommend you check it out.

Check It Out For Yourself
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